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Residence is the optional act of the State, by means of which a foreigner is empowered to settle in the country under the conditions and requirements established by the Immigration and Immigration Law.

Residence procedures can be carried out on condition of:

1.- Rentista
2.- Pensioner
3.- Work
4.- Marriage, family bond, de facto union
5.- Investor


1. Passport valid for at least one year.

2. Two 2 "X 2" passport size photographs
3. Birth Certificate (if you were born in a country other than Canada, the birth certificate must be certified at the Consulate or Embassy of your country, or by the Embassy or Consulate General of Honduras in your country of origin).
4. Criminal record certificate issued by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (GRC / RCMP) of the place of residence, with fingerprint search.
5. Health certificate, issued by a recognized doctor and authenticated by the Provincial Medical College of the place of residence.

Note: Each document must be authenticated individually (those that are required)

1. Marriage Certificate.
The applicant must fill out and sign in the presence of the Consul General of Honduras in Montreal the residency application form and sign an affidavit.

2. Rentista Residences:
Proof of your income authenticated by a Notary Public and by the Chamber of Notaries of your province of residence.

3. Pensionado Residence:
a.- Bank reference that will turn the pension or income.
b.- Proof of the company or institution from which the pension or income comes.
c. Both documents must be authenticated by a Notary Public and by the Chamber of Notaries of your province of residence.

4. Residence for Work:
Employment contract or letter of commitment from your employer, authenticated by a notary and by the Chamber of Notaries of the province of your residence. If the contract is drawn up in Honduras, it does not need to be authenticated in Canada.

5. Residence as Investor:
Foreigners who invest their capital in any branch of legal economic activity in Honduras may acquire the quality of investor resident, for an amount not less than fifty thousand American dollars (US $ 50,000.00). As well as those who invest their capital in certificates, securities or bonds of the State and national financial institutions, in the form and terms determined by law. For more information contact the Consulate General.


1. All documents must be sent in original and two copies.

2. All documents must be presented with their translation into Spanish, which must be prepared by an authorized translator of the province of residence or, failing that, by this Consulate.

3. The applicant must pay the fees to authenticate each of the documents and the other expenses stipulated by the laws of Honduras and, if applicable, the costs incurred in document translation.

4. The opinion of acceptance of your application for Entry as an Immigrant will be given after the presentation and study of the documentation required by the corresponding authorities of the Government of Honduras.

5. In the event that the residence application is denied by the Honduran authorities, or if the applicant chooses to withdraw said application, the cost of the same is not refundable.

6. All payments must be made by money order / postal mandate or certified check payable to the Consulate of Honduras in US dollars. Personal checks and cash are not accepted.

7. Costs (The payment must come through a Money Order, in American dollars and in the name of the Consulate of Honduras):

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