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Document issued by the Consulate in order to prove the existence of a person, issued by notarial deed.

The Faith of Life is presented to Honduran institutions where the interested party has a benefit and wishes to collect it, for example: INJUPEMP, IHSS, RAP, INPREMA, among other entities.

Note: Remember that all consular procedures are face-to-face and personal.

It is important that you take the time to read what the procedure that you will carry out consists of and the requirements that you must present at the time you present for your appointment, in case you do not have this documentation, you will not be able to attend.


1. Consular appointment  

2. Clear photocopy of the personal data that appears in the Honduran passport or identity card.

3. Two recent passport-size photographs in good condition.

4. Clear photocopy of the data of the person who will do it in Honduras.

5. Proof of payment, only money orders are accepted in the name of the Consulate of Honduras in US dollars.


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