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According to the Law of the National Registry of Persons (RNP), any act of change of marital status, birth and death, even if it occurs abroad, is mandatory to be registered in the country. The Honduran who is abroad has the obligation to carry out the respective registration at the nearest Consulate where the respective "Certificate of Registration" will be issued.


- Birth: In accordance with the Constitution of the Republic, Art. 23. subsection 2. Every child of a Honduran or Honduran born abroad is Honduran by birth, if the parents want this right to be in fact, they must comply with what is prescribed in the Chapter III, Section .I Article 53 of the Law of the National Registry of Persons (RNP), which indicates that registrations with Consular representations abroad must be made within one year of the minor's birth.


Requirements :

1. Honduran identity card or documents that ensure the Honduran nationality of the parent (s), preferably a document that has a photograph and signature such as the passport.

2. Certification of the minor's birth certificate. (For those born in the province of Québec it is "Copie d'Acte de naissance".

3. A photograph of the smallest passport size.

4. As far as possible, the parent (s) must go to the Honduran Consulate to sign the Registration Book. The appearance of the parents of born children is mandatory.

After the year of birth, if the parents did not request the registration of the birth of their child before the Consulate, they may claim the right of Honduran nationality by birth for their child by authenticating the Birth Certificate Certification. accompanied by its respective translation.

- Marriage: The Marriage Certificate attests to the act celebrated between two people, which includes the date and place in which it was celebrated. The means of proof that the marriage has taken place.

Marriage acts that occurred abroad by persons of Honduran nationality who wish to register it with the consulate, will be recorded in a special book kept in said offices.

1. Present original copy of Canadian marriage certificate, (long version)
2. Identity document (s) of the contracting parties. (for the Honduran to present only Honduran documents)
3. The Honduran interested party, as far as possible, must sign the registry book. Applications from Montreal residents, presence is mandatory.

- Divorce: When requested by the interested party (s), for the purpose of registering a divorce issued abroad and wanting it to be registered in Honduras in the same way, as long as the marriage has been performed or registered in Honduras.


1. Original Canadian divorce decree
2. Honduran identity document (s)
3. Honduran marriage certificate
4. The Honduran interested party should, as far as possible, sign the registry book. For applications the presence is mandatory.


- Death: When requested by family members, in order for them to register a death that occurred abroad in accordance with the Law of the National Registry of Persons (RNP), Chapter III, Section. III, Article. 68. Enrollment must be made within 6 months of death.

1. The deceased's passport, and / or Identity Card, and / or birth certificate
2. Obtain from the Canadian Civil Registry the “Certificate of Death Certificate Copy”;
3. Of the applicant for registration: passport, and / or identity card, and / or birth certificate
4. Report the relationship with the deceased six months after the death, only the authenticity and translation of the copy of the death certificate is done and the next of kin continue the registration process in Honduras. All procedures must be canceled by Money Order / Mandat Postale in US dollars in the name of the Consulate of Honduras.


Note: All services are paid in US dollars

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