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The process of public instruments (General Power of Attorney, Special Power of Attorney and Power of Attorney) necessarily requires the appearance of the grantor (applicant) since they must sign and place their fingerprint before the Consulate General.


Types of powers:

1. General Power of Attorney: It is one that serves to represent you in various actions.
Example, General Power of Administration and representation.


Note: Value in US dollars.

2. Special Power of Attorney: It is the one that serves to represent you in a SPECIFIC matter and until the process is completed. Example: a power of attorney for divorce, marriage, lawsuits, representation, etc.


Note: Value in US dollars.

3. Power of Attorney: It is one that serves to represent you in a specific matter before a specific office.
Example: procedures for collecting pensions before offices such as INJUPEM, FFAA, opening and / or closing accounts in banks, etc.

Note: Value in US dollars.


1- Of the applicant / grantor: identity card or any other current document that ensures Honduran nationality, describe its general characteristics: marital status, profession and address.

2- To whom it is granted: The full name and general names of the latter: marital status, the number of their identity card, profession and address in Honduras, etc. and the reason for the Power of Attorney granted.

3- If the Power of Attorney is extended to a legal professional, in addition to the identity card number, you must have the card number of the Honduras Bar Association and the address of the professional office.

4- The applicant can present a draft text of what it requires, otherwise, the document is drawn up in accordance with the type of Power of Attorney requested, following the Public Instruments formats in force in the Civil Procedure Code and Notarial Code.

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