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Requirements for the entry of pets (dog or cat)

1. People who wish to travel accompanied by their pets (dog and / or cats) must present to the quarantine inspector the pet, the vaccination certificate or card and the current veterinary health certificate (International Health Certificate in original and copy legal size). The certificate must have the full name of the veterinarian signed and stamped with the date of the day it is issued.
2. The International Health Certificate issued by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency must be Authenticated through the Consulate General of Honduras.
The vaccination card must state the age and species of the animal, the dates of the immunizations, showing the type and brand of the product used, this will be stated on the average sticker of the product in said vaccination card.

Vaccinate and deworm within 30 days prior to the date of shipment (internal and external parasites).

The vaccines must be:


-Canine hepatitis
-Rabies (only animals older than 3 months)
-For influenza

* Cats
-Feline panleukoopenia
-Feline leukemia
-Rabies (only animals older than 3 months)

The veterinary medical certificate must state that the animal has been inspected and identified at the time of shipment by a veterinary doctor, who has found it in normal health condition, without presenting tumors, fresh wounds or in the process of healing, or signs any quarantine or communicable diseases or presence of ectoparasites.

Pets must be placed in special cages or boxes that were washed and disinfected before being used.

People who try to enter dogs and / or cats for commercial purposes, need to request the import permit, presenting a copy of the veterinary medical health certificate and vaccination card, prior to their arrival in the national territory, and must hire the services of a doctor veterinarian to do fiduciary quarantine for a minimum of 10 days.

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