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A 5 star country

Located in the heart of Central America, Honduras is the country of diversity. It is located in the tropical belt of the planet and has an immense biological diversity in a large number of terrestrial, freshwater and coastal marine ecosystems. In our country, three of the five types of ecosystems and four of the eleven types of important habitats in the world are identified.

Fun facts

1 . Hondurans are known as "Cartuchos".

2. The capital of Honduras is made up of 2 cities, Tegucigalpa and Comayaguela.

3. Honduras has the second largest coral reef in the world.

4. In Honduras there are no active volcanoes, and there is only one natural lake: Lake Yojoa.

6. In Comayagua you will find one of the oldest clocks in the world.

7.Fish rain in the department of Yoro.

8. The first mass in America took place just in Trujillo.

9. Biosphere of the Rio Platano among the 7 wonders of the world.

10. The national currency bears the name of an indigenous hero who fought against Spanish domination.

Honduras in figures

* Geographic location and population

       -Approximately 1,000 miles southwest of Miami.

-A total of 8,598,561 million inhabitants, of which 1,126,534 live in Tegucigalpa and 1,719,447 in San Pedro Sula and its surroundings .



*Government system

-Democracy, with elections every four years.

- Three powers: Legislative, Executive and Judicial.

- The country is divided into 18 departments.

* Four International airports

1. Ramón Villeda Morales International Airport

2. Toncontín International Airport

3. Golosón International Airport

4. Juan Manuel Gálvez International Airport

Country Brand

It is a public-private alliance between the Central Government and the National Investment Council that aims to express that Honduras is open to the world to promote tourism, businesses and products of our land. The Brand is also a meeting point for all sectors of society to feel proud of being Hondurans.

Invest in Honduras

1. Strategic location

2. Dynamic and qualified workforce

3. Modern infrastructure

4. Direct access to the main markets

5. Democratic and investment-friendly political system

6. Emerging business sectors

Screen Shot 2021-01-27 at 22.23.49.png

1. Choluteca pot soup

2. Atol de Comayagua

3. Ticucos de Copan

4. Chicken with slices of San Pedro Sula

5. Corn tamales from El Paraíso

6. Colón fish soup

7. Typical dish of Francisco Morazán

8. Thanks to God cassava cakes

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