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An authorization is issued when the grantor:

1- You want a specific person to manage and obtain the passport for a minor in Honduras; or,

2- You want a specific person to represent you before the specific Embassy of Honduras to manage the obtaining of a visa or immigration document for a minor, only if so requested in writing,

3- You want a certain person to be able to leave the country accompanying a minor; or so that a minor can leave the country without or with a companion;


1- Present an identity card or any document that ensures Honduran nationality (such as: passport, and / or birth certificate, if you only have a birth certificate, you must present other documents according to the information) and describe your general: marital status , profession, address.

2- The full name of the person to whom the AUTHORIZATION is going to be granted and its general names: identity card number, marital status, profession, address in Honduras, if it is a legal professional, the registration number and the firm address.

3- The reason for the AUTHORIZATION granted (I processed a passport, leaving the country, etc.)

4. Money order in US dollars in the name of the Consulate of Honduras

- If it is for authorization of passport processing for a minor, the original or authenticated photocopy of the minor's birth certificate is required.

- If it is to leave the country of a minor, the passport number with the date of issue and expiration is required.

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