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A great country to live

Honduras is much more than a good place to invest, it is a good place to live. As a resident, you can take all the time necessary to enjoy the country's natural beauties, some of the best beaches in Central America, Mayan archaeological sites, as well as the colonial legacy still present in many Honduran cities and towns.


There are attractive living spaces, from comfortable apartments to spacious houses located in elegant residential complexes, located just minutes away from business centers and industrial facilities.


Families with school-age children have the possibility to choose between several bilingual schools with international educational quality. Medical services are of a high standard, with doctors who have obtained their specialization in faculties abroad. There is a wide variety of entertainment and shopping options, from the presence of internationally recognized brands and franchises to sophisticated local stores. For those who like to keep their physique in shape, there is a good variety of gyms, sports complexes, and exclusive country clubs.

So, regardless of one's preferred lifestyle, all foreign visitors and residents are attracted not only by what Honduras offers as a country, but, more importantly, by the warmth and hospitality of its proud inhabitants.

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