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A sworn statement is a personal, verbal and written statement, where the veracity of that same statement is ensured under oath before consular authorities. As a consequence, what is stated by the declarant is presumed to be true until the contrary can be proven.

It is important that you take the time to read what the procedure that you will carry out consists of and the requirements that you must present at the time you present for your appointment, in case you do not have this documentation, you will not be able to attend.


1 consular appointment

The appointment guarantees that you will be attended to the day you have chosen to process the requested document, so you must have enough time to manage this document (including payment management), remember that the Consulate attends to all the people who present themselves in order to process other documents (by appointment) or make inquiries and they have the right to be heard and advised.

2. Clear photocopy of the personal data that appears in the Honduran passport.

3. Depending on the type of declaration you want to make, you must bring the document that justifies what you want to declare under oath.

4. Proof of payment, only money orders are accepted in the name of the Consulate of Honduras in US dollars.

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